Monday, August 10, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Spurs Entrepreneurship

For Thrive Learning Institute, promoting entrepreneurship is a sure fire way of over-coming the suffering economy and fostering self-sufficiency and personal responsibility, all things needed to ensure a prosperous and happy country.

There are many different kind of people in the world with a huge array of differing talents and skills. An inspection of the differing details found amongst humans can reveal staggering extremes and bizarre cultures which can seem worlds apart. However once we get our hands out of the contrasts and into the comparisons the insights to be had can change the course of a life just by their comprehension.

Basic to all humans is the unrelenting need to create something of worth. From simple tools to the ceiling of the Sistine chapel Humans have always found a way to create something that brings enjoyment and added productivity to life.

In today's culture creativity is being snuffed out in at alarming rates. One of the tell tale signs of a famine of creativity is declining rates of entrepreneurship. The greatness of America rode on the backs of freedom loving creative people who produced products that rewarded society who in turn rewarded their makers.

in this time of economic crisis we need now, more than ever, a new influx of innovative, visionary entrepreneurs to revitalize the deteriorating trait of creativity and in turn revitalize the suffering economy. Prosperity is driven by human creativity and the most essential entrepreneurial trait is creativity.

Thrive Learning Institute is focused on the nurturing and mentoring of aspiring entrepreneurs. We are optimistic that these are people who will carry the economy out of its fragile state and back into a robust, thriving and hopeful world. The clients who come to us have inspiring vision and a salt of the earth work ethic that is so desperately needed.

The proliferation of the internet has broken down almost all barriers of entry to getting into business and can often cost as little as $10 for a domain name and $5/month to host your website on the internet. Once you're their the entrepreneurial possibilities are endless and its up to your creativity and work ethic to provide society with a solution to a problem which they in turn will reward you for.

Thrive Learning Institute provides world class coaching on three main business models (among several others): Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping and selling on Ebay. These business models are extremely easy to get into and will wet the appetite of anyone looking to make money for themselves and not for someone else. The principles of success in this models are the principles of success in for every business and once mastered they will open the world to you.

Affiliate Marketing: This business model is very simple and very easy to get into. However because of its ease competition is high but certainly not insurmountable. When you're and affiliate marketer you affiliate with people and /or businesses who own products and promote their products. For every sale you generate you get a percentage of the sale price. With this model you learn to master the art and mechanics of marketing. There are infinite things to learn from affiliate marketing that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Additionally the potential profits of affiliate marketing are huge. Many people have made fortunes just by promoting other peoples products.

Some other benefits of the affiliate model are the fact you don't need a product, employees or have a boss. You don't need to worry about customer service either so its a very hands free way of making money.

Drop Shipping: This business model will introduce you to working with manufacturers and distributors. As you work with them you'll learn how to set up systems for shipping products and communicating with the providers. You'll also be introduced to the world of customer service which can make or break your business.

Drop shipping will give you much better returns than affiliate marketing obviously because you're the one going straight to the manufacturer or distributor to provide the product to your customers. This a great next step in your entrepreneurship education.

Selling on eBay: eBay is an easy, small-scale way to get into business. Although its hard to build a business you can eventually sell through eBay its awesome to use as training wheels and if you're not worried about building a business you can sell you can make tons of money on eBay too. I know a guy who was pulling in $35,000 in sales every month just from eBay. He also decided to quit because for him it just turned into another job.

With these three basic avenues to take Thrive Learning Institute will guide you as you begin learning how to unleash your creativity in a way that will benefit society and yourself in huge ways. Entrepreneurship can be learned and mastered and is not in any way something you're born with. As you learn these powerful principles your creativity will be unleashed on the world and you'll never want to go back to the drudgery of employment again.

The economy needs you. We need your ingenuity if we're going to pull out of this mess. We, at Thrive Learning Institute, are confident you can become a creative, productive entrepreneur and live the life of your dreams.

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