Monday, January 4, 2010

Small Niche Web Sites: Lots of Patience and Hard Work

With hundreds of home business opportunities, how is a person supposed to be able to choose one that's going to be good for them. Perhaps things are going well for you financially, but you could still use a little extra spending money or some money to replace your savings spent on holiday gifts. So, what is a person to do? You want to make some cash without putting too much of a monetary investment into the endeavor so you decide to start a small niche website.

Hundreds of get rich quick schemes tell you that you can make thousands of dollars a month or even a week, immediately. I'll be honest with you, unless these people are going to give you a gold or diamond mine for free, there's very little chance that you're going to make that much money in a week right away.

What if I told you there's a way to make money and you only have to spend about ten dollars a month plus any fee your supplier may charge. I'm not saying you'll make thousands of dollars a week, you may not even make that in a month, but I can tell you that if you choose a good niche and work hard, you will see great results a few months after starting up a small niche website with Thrive Learning Institute.

Have you ever needed something very specific and you couldn't find it in any brick and mortar stores but you did find it on a small website? Well, that website was probably a niche site. Good news, it's not that hard to set one up, if you give it the time and the effort that is needed to begin.

To begin, you will need a tax ID number, a business license, a website, and a supplier. You may hire someone to build you a web page or you can build your own. There are sites on the Internet such as and that will allow you to easily and quickly set up your own website. You can also use blog sites such as Blogspot and Wordpress. These sites are free to use but may require a small fee to forfeit advertising on your page.

Once the site is up, you have a business license and a tax ID number (when applicable), and a supplier, you can get going on your business. However, I would suggest getting started on optimizing your business in search engines shortly after purchasing a domain name. You can put a placeholder on the site and begin building links to it which will help your site rank higher in search engines such as Google.

So you see, it's not terribly difficult, all you really need is a lot of patience, hard work, and someone to show you the way.

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