Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute - Find Products on Clickbank

Thrive Learning Institute recommends Clickbank as one of the most complete providers of information products through affiliate programs available on the internet today. The first thing to do is to go and set up an account.

1. Go to Clickbank.com.

2. There will be lots of options there on the main page to explore. There are two large areas, one labeled "Affiliate" and one labeled "Vendor". A vendor is someone who has an information product to sell, like an eBook they've written. An affiliate is someone looking to make money promoting other people's products. That's you! In the "Affiliates" box, click "Learn More"

3. You can scroll through the tutorial overview that appears on the left. On the right, click "Sign Up".

4. Fill out the forms and complete the signup and verification process.

Once you have an account setup, the next step is to go into the Clickbank market place and begin looking for products that relate to your topics. There are two basic approaches to this, and they're both valuable.

1. Literal Thinking - In this approach, you'll be looking for products that directly relate to the topics and the keywords/keyphrases that you researched in the previous benchmark. If your topic is "Organic Vegetable Gardening", then you're going to be looking for products that teach all about organic vegetable gardening. You'll probably get more visitors converting into buyers this way, because by the time they search out your site, you know they're interested. However, it can sometimes be tricky to match the products to a niche exactly.

2. Lateral Thinking - In this approach, you step back from your niche a little bit, and look for products that relate to a slightly broader topic, to a wider audience. In our example, you might search for products in "Organic Gardening", or "Vegetable Gardening". Be careful not to get too broad, or you will find yourself swimming in a sea of competition, and all that wonderful keyword research you did will be wasted.

Whether you do one or the other, or a combination of both, the process is the same. Go to the Clickbank main page, and click on the "Marketplace" link at the top. You'll be presented with a search page, where you'll input your keywords and begin searching for good products.

An important part of analyzing the Clickbank products is understanding the metrics listed underneath each listing. Here's a key to help you interpret what each of those numbers mean:

1. $/Sale -The actual amount you will earn per sale. Every time a visitor to your site clicks through and buys this product, you'll make this much money. Ideally you will want around $20-$25 a sale, or more.

2. Future $ - Some products have recurring fees that the customer pays, like a membership. When there are recurring costs, there are also recurring commissions. This is really good for you, because each sale you make can become a residual income as that customer continues to maintain their membership.

3. Total $/Sale - The percentage of the sale that is your commission. Look for at least 50%.

4. %Redf - The amount of sales coming from ClickBank affiliates.

5. Grav - "Gravity" A weighted scale representing how many people were paid by this program in the last 8 weeks. Basically, this ClickBank metric represents the popularity. The higher, the better. If you can find products related to your niche that are above 70, that's excellent. There are many products that are newer, that are good, that haven't had time to build up their gravity yet. Try to get the highest gravity you can in your niche topic.

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