Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Out of The Rut

The vast majority of people are in the comfortable yet unfulfilled middle of society. They haven't accomplished their dreams and goals. They have failed to become wealthy, or live in their dream home or have fantastic relationships.

However as unfulfilled as they are they haven't hit rock bottom. They have jobs and they have pretty normal families. They go on vacation once or twice a year. They might even have a good amount in savings but they're still a slave to employment, addictions (sugar, alcohol, hard drugs, fast food, you name it) they are chained down.

We need to make the distinction that they aren't impoverished by any means. They aren't struggling for survival. They are stuck in a rut of mediocrity.

In many ways getting from mediocre to successful is harder than getting from complete failure to success. In many ways going from unfulfilled middle class to the fulfilled successful class is more difficult than going from impoverished to successful.

It is incredibly difficult to break out of the rut of satisfactory comfort.

So how do you do it? Our initial reaction is to go put in some massive about of work or expend tons of effort. This is wrong. All your work will go to naught if you don't have the right mind set. You need to get your head straight first before you put forth the effort.

The main reason those in the middle don't get out their rut is because of fear. The have accomplished a degree of success in life and so they have something to lose. If they fail they reason that they stand to lose something. So they're paralyzed and frozen in inaction.

those who are in poverty, those who have already experienced rock bottom understand what the worst is. they have lived it and therefor know that there is very little to fear. These people have less fear and are more willing to act.

so how do you destroy the fear festering in your soul without having to go rock-bottom?

You have to train your mind.

habits make a man. So to change a man you need to change his habits. To change yourself you need to change your habits. Whether its adding new ones stopping old or both (ideally) you must change your habits if you are to change yourself and your circumstances.

There are several basic things you can do to get motivated and build momentum.

Write down you goals in perfect detail. describe as much as you can about yourself as a success. what personality traits are different? what do you look like? Where do you live? What do you drive? what kind of people do you surround yourself with?

After you've written this down set aside some time every day to visualize it and add to it according to your desires. As you envision your perfect life the actions needed to realize it will be made much easier and you'll have energy and drive.

The next step is creating momentum. You need to pick one or several of your goals to focus on and commit to yourself that you'll accomplish a little bit every day toward that goal. After a week you'll have gained momentum and it will get easier and easier until before you know it you'll have accomplished your goal.

Thrive Learning Institute is here to help you change your mindset so that you too can enjoy the abundant life of your choosing. The coaches will help in every aspect of your progression and will see you through to the end. which of course will only be the beginning of your new life.

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