Monday, August 10, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute - SEO Tips

The Value of Linking

Thrive Learning Institute teaches that essentially, all of marketing on the internet comes down to one thing: Inbound Links. These are links that people can click on to come to your website from some other place, like another site, a directory, an article, a search engine, or even an email. There are three ways that links are important:

Direct clicking - If a visitor to another website sees that there's a link to your site, there's an opportunity for them to click through to you. It then stands to reason that the more links you have out on the net pointing to you, the more traffic they'll send. An addition benefit is that this traffic gets directly to your site, bypassing the search engines completely.

Search engine ranking
- Search engines, especially Google, check to see how many other sites and other pages are linking to yours. They equate this with importance and popularity, and if you have a lot of links, you'll get ranked higher. Getting lots of quality links is called "Off-site SEO".

Search engine indexing - Search engines have programs (called, "spiders", "crawlers", and "robots") that regularly scour the internet, looking for more sites to add to their listings, and looking to update the listings of the sites they already have. The more and better links you have coming to your site, the faster you'll get added to the search engines, and the more often your site will be updated in their listings.

Stay tuned for more SEO tips from Thrive Learning Institute.

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