Tuesday, June 10, 2008

See what works for others...And Copy It

Copy what works for others (within limits). In particular, copy companies that appear at the top of the search results both in the organic results and pay per click results. You will learn different things by looking at each of these. Typically, sites that rank well have focused more on optimizing their sites for the search engines so look to them for ways to help your site rank better (i.e. keyword phrases they have focused on and where they placed them). Websites that are paying for their traffic on the otherhand are usually a lot more interested in testing their site for conversion because each one of their visitors is costing them money so you will want to look to them for better ways to increase your conversion rate (i.e. website hierarchy etc..) By paying attention to what the competition is doing you will be able to have a site that not only ranks well but converts well too.

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