Monday, June 2, 2008

Effective Test Markets

    After you have applied the link building techniques that we have discussed you should have a pretty good flow of traffic coming to your site.  If you are like most online retailers you will find that having a successful ecommerce website isn't just about getting traffic but successfully pointing that traffic in the right direction once they get to your site.  
    Once you have about 100-150 visitors a day coming to your site it will be time to run a test market.  Your test market will be the time during the first couple months after going live with your site that you will test new things on your site such as fonts, images, calls to action etc.. to help improve your conversion rate.  
    Test markets are used in every industry whether it's movies, video games and even chips.  The theory behind test markets is to try something new whether it's a product or website with a smaller group of people and making changes based off of their feedback before releasing it to the masses.  You will want to do the same thing with the test market on your website.   Over the next several posts we will cover the changes that you will want to pay attention to during your test market.

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