Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Type of Affiliate Marketing

Types of Affiliate Programs:
Pay Per Click- Pay-per-click or PPC affiliate programs are where you as the affiliate will get paid each time an ad that you have placed gets clicked on. The ad can be either text or an image such as a banner ad, it can be on your own site or you can place it on another site but the key is to get it clicked on. Each time that ad gets clicked on, you will get paid. Some examples of Pay-Per-Click affiliate programs are Google Adsense ( and the Yahoo Publisher Network ( These are programs where you can place Google and Yahoos sponsored results on your own site and get paid each time they get clicked on.

Pay Per Sale- With pay-per-sale affiliate programs you will get paid when a customer that you have referred from your site makes a purchase on the site that you linked to from your site. Some of the benefits of Pay Per Sale affiliate programs are that you can still offer products but you wont have to worry about shipping, returns, customer service etc.. Also, they allow you to offer products that you probably wouldn't be able to get dropshipped such as brand name electronics. An example of a Pay-Per-Sale affiliate program would be if you were to sign up for Wal Marts affiliate program and either refer people to their site by listing their product on your site or by having a banner that linked from your site to their site.

Pay Per Lead- With pay-per-lead affiliate programs you will get paid for each lead that you create. A lead is someone that a business can contact at a later date. Pay-per-lead affiliate programs are very popular with Insurance and Credit Card companies because they only have to pay out when they get someones contact information and some information about that person. A good example of a pay per lead affiliate program is with an insurance company like Geico. If you were to join Geico's affiliate program you would put a banner to their site on your site and then if someone clicked on that banner ad and went through to fill in their information for a free insurance quote you would get paid because you had generated a lead for Geico.

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