Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Find The Average Selling Price (ASP) with Thrive Learning Institute

Once you have used the completed listings to confirm that there is a demand for the product that you are wanting to sell the next step is confirming that the product will be profitable. To find the average selling price of the product that you are thinking of selling you will want to go into the completed listings section and type in the name of the product. Once the results come up you will want to look at the prices that appear in green indicating that those auctions were successful. Next you will want to add all of the prices in green for the past few days and divide them by the total number. For example if you saw that an item sold successful 6 times for 140, 160, 175, 199, 215 and 145. You would divide the total price of $1034 by the number of auctions 6 and your average selling price would be $172.33. By figuring out the ASP you will be able to see how profitable an item will be for you.

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