Tuesday, July 15, 2008

eBay Research Steps with Thrive Learning Institute

Here at Thrive Learning Institute we recommend for those starting their online business to get started with selling on eBay to make some quick money and then to start building their ecommerce website. The completed listings section of eBay is a valuable asset that will not only show you what to put in your listing to make it rank well in eBay but it will also show you what to do to make it so that people will want to buy from you such as what time your auction should close, what price you should start the auction at etc. Most sellers on eBay don't know that this tool exists and those who do know that it exists don't really know what they should be looking at when they use this tool. To access the completed listings section you will follow these steps:

1. In the Enter keyword or item number box, type your keywords.
2. Select any additional search options, as needed.
3. Select the Completed listings only check box.
4. Click the Search button.

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