Monday, April 21, 2008

Trade Magazines

Use a Trade Magazine- Some small suppliers are unwilling to pay the high expense to be listed in the Thomas Register. These smaller suppliers often advertise in different ways such as in Trade Magazines. Trade Magazines, or Trade Journals, are magazines that are subscribed to by companies and people in a particular industry. Typically, there are at least one or more trade magazines for each industry. These magazines usually have news and articles of interest to business owners in a particular industry. These types of magazines are usually jam packed with advertisements from suppliers in the industry from huge major suppliers, down to the smallest mom-and-pop suppliers, who don't advertise in the Thomas Family of Web Directories. Most good trade journals also have an online website that complements their print magazine. These companion websites would typically be classified as "Vertical Portals". Here are a few examples of industry trade magazines, and their websites:
a. C-Store News: Convenience Store Trade Journal-
b. Equipment World: Heavy Equipment Trade Journal
c. Scrapbook Retailer Magazine: Scrapbook Trade Journal-
Finding Trade Magazines is pretty easy, but it sometimes takes a bit of footwork. There are two pretty good techniques that will allow you to find any trade journals you might be looking for:
1. Do a Google search for the broadest industry keywords you can find, with the words "trade magazine" or "trade journal" in the phrase.
a. "craft trade magazine"
b. "dvd rental trade magazine"
c. "scuba trade journal"
d. "etc…"

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