Thursday, April 24, 2008

Creating an Effective Links Page

The link page for your commercial web site should be an automatic extension of the design of the entire electronic storefront, and should contain the following elements:
1. Header- The "header" of the link page should be designed as a headline / title for the section. Use strong advertising copy and create emotion and a desire for other merchants to participate.
2. Reciprocal Link Invitation- Near the top of your link page, you should invite other relevant websites to trade links with you. You should provide instructions to execute this, including which types of sites are eligible, what your link should look like on their page (URL, Title / Headline, Opening Statement / Description), and a contact email address where you can be reached regarding link trade requests.
3. Style- The style of the link exchange page should be clear and easy-to-understand. Consider using a standard directory style where website links are listed by (relevant) topics and subtopics.

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