Friday, October 23, 2009

Finding Keywords and Keyword Ideas

Finding good keywords is not so much a difficult task as it is a time consuming one. As long as you are willing to give the time needed to find an appropriate niche product, you should be able to be very successful. In this post I will walk you through three easy steps you can take to get keywords that are right for you.

Step One: Uncovering Rare Gems

The first step of the process is to brainstorm multiple words or phrases (three to five) that have everything to do with your product niche. Once you have the ideas, open up the Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool and type your keywords in the appropriate box, then click on “get keyword ideas”. I like to click on “use synonyms” so I can get more keyword ideas that perhaps I hadn't thought of on my own. Who knows, you may just find a rare gem buried in a pile of ordinary words and phrases. Also, it's a good practice to click on “exact” in the match type drop down menu.

Once you've gone that far, make sure that the keywords you select get at least 1,000 searches per month. Also, if you're interested in making a living off of this particular product you will want to make sure that the keywords get a lot more searches per month. In fact, I would go for the highest amount of searches you can get out of a particular keyword or keyword phrase and still maintain fairly low levels of competition.

Step Two: Checking Out the Competition

Initially, you can check out the competition right there on the Google AdWords Keyword Tool by looking under the “advertiser competition” column. The less green you see in that little box, the better. Or, you can choose to actually get in there and check it out yourself. You can do this simply by going to Google Search and typing in your keyword or keyword phrase in quotations. If the keyword or keyword phrase has between 10 and 40 thousand results, you should be able to rank fairly easily in Google. The more results your keyword brings up, the harder it's going to be for you to rank in the first four positions on Google for those specific keywords and phrases.

Step Three: Using the Keywords

Now that you have some keywords, probably about three of them for your main page, you can start putting them into action. To do this, I would suggest using them in the titles of articles on your site as well as articles you use while marketing your site. You will also want to use them in your site title.

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