Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Do It

When it comes to entrepreneurship most people LOVE thinking about it. They love dreaming about how much money they'll make, How many products it will take to achieve their dreams and how reasonable it all seems but when it comes down to it most people are scared silly at taking action. I believe this is the case for several reasons.

We entrepreneurs build up in our minds so much the idea of success that we don't want to hurt our pride with the possibility of failure. Instead of dreaming of what will be you and I need to simply get used to feeling and fear of risking all the time. In fact I dare say we need to get addicted to risk-taking because it is the key to progress in any facet of our lives and to not take any risks is to short change ourselves.

I recently had an experience that helped me grow a bit more in this regard. While I am by no means a hugely successful entrepreneur yet I have had my fair share of experience in this regard in lifetime. I put together a simple but seemingly effective business plan that worked perfectly in theory. I would dream about it all day crunching numbers and figuring how much i could make in month If i did X amount of work. I had figured that if I devoted about 4 hours a day to this plan I would be able to make about $7500 my first month. Not bad for only 4 hours.

In fact I had been talking with one of my co-workers about this plan of mine for the past few weeks and one day after I got back from lunch he started laughing and sent me a URL to an advertisement for my business that he had put up on craigslist. My first instinct was to get angry, and then the calls and emails started coming in. I wasn't prepared for the amount of leads I was going to get but I certainly wouldn't have been at any other time.

The point is I would've never known the kind of response I'd get without first testing the market. During this whole process of cleanup I learned a LOT about how I can tweak my offer and streamline the whole business and all because my co-worker just decided to force me into action. In spite of the little mess he created for me :) Im way ahead of the game now because of everything I learned from the whole ordeal. Not only that but I got a few high quality clients from it too!

So when you dream up a great idea for making money don't just sit there go test it out and see what kind of response you get. You'll be surprised at how much you learn and you'll get used to adrenaline of rush of risk.

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