Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 Ways to Build Links to Your Site

Dominate the Niche you choose with Quality Content

If you've done a lot of research on blogging or on internet marketing in general you've probably heard a lot about how important it is to have valuable, quality content. Like an echo I and Thrive Learning Institute are going to say that this is absolutely true. If you're just rehashing other people content chances are your blog or website will turn into another one of the mediocre, lost websites floating around on the web that no one reads. You'll be shouting as loud as you can in the middle of a forest.

You need to come up with interesting insights and passionate rants. You need worthwhile how-to's and engaging guides to draw people in and make people want to read your content and want to link back to it.

Find a topic you won't mind spending a lot of time with and then start asking yourself or others what they want to know about it. Then get started creating content that thoroughly answers those questions. As you increase the quality of your content the quality and number of back links you get grows exponentially.

Get Involved

One principle that I learned very well from Thrive Learning Institute is that once you have created a nice helping of yummy content then go join the community surrounding your niche. Make a list of some of the best and most authoritative blogs and websites on your topic ans start commenting, helping and answering question they have.

If you do this with gusto and always provide your own website in your signature you garner a lot of respect, a lot of traffic and unsolicited back links from others in your community.

Get Press

Obviously the more press you get the better. You can submit your press releases to free online press release directories that the big news chains sift through to find good stories to include. If you write a good article with a compelling headline you could get picked up by the new york times, The Globe and any number of other reputable newspapers and media companies. Its always a good idea to ask them specifically to link to your site because a link from a big news conglomerate will have a ton of weight. And will help out a ton with your rankings.

A great tool that Google provides is the ability to search for news stories by keyword so you ca keep track of the latest happenings in your niche. When you catch the latest news you can blog about it as soon as it comes out or contact the reporters doing the stories to build good relationships with contacts who could potentially give you a lot of press in the future. You may even be able to provide them with a source so they refer to you in their next story.


It's always smart to submit some articles to the best article directories out there so you can get some quick back links. You'll need to be careful though to make sure you vary the anchor text as Google will penalize you for what is called “Google bombing”.

Its very important not to get too stuck on this one method. It very easy to just because you can do everything yourself and its not dependent on someone else liking your content. Know that having pure article back links will not take your website to the level you probably want. Related niche sites linking to you and news companies linking to you are much more valuable.

Give people incentives to link to you.

Often times it'll feel like your trying to pull teeth to get bloggers and webmasters to link to you so you'll need to devise some potential incentives. You could propose link trading, writing a featured article about their website, or allowing them to write a relevant, valuable article that will give them some attention and allow them to demonstrate their talent and the value they can provide to your community.

When all else fails you can always offer to pay them to put a link up on their site but if you can avoid that if you create great content. So do that instead :)

Whatever you do don't give up on link-building. The heed you give to link-building alone can make or break your website. So have patience and stick with it. Get into a daily habit of link building and you'll see success sooner than you might think. Remember, if you have any questions be sure to give Thrive Learning Institute a call and discuss it with your team.

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