Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tip of the Week: How to Submit to Organic Search Engines

It is important to register your website with various search engines. In this post, we will explain how to register with MSN, Yahoo and Google. Over-submitting to any search engine may cause the search engine to kick your website out of any future searches so be careful how often you register your sites with the same search engine.

To register with MSN, put your address in quotes in the search box ("your address here") and run a search for it. When no site is found, assuming your site is not currently registered, MSN will bring up a page saying so. Click on the option "send this address to us" and then fill out the form provided by posting your URL and then click submit URL. To register with Yahoo, scroll down to the bottom of the Yahoo homepage and click on "suggest a site", then click on "submit your site for free". Put your URL under submit a website or web page and then click submit URL. To register with Google, simply go to www.google.com/addurl and fill in the information specified.

After submission, search engine crawlers should come to your site within a month to make sure that you have the right meta tags, keyword saturation, etc. Make sure you optimize your site for the search engines. Do not expect your site to immediately come up in searches; it takes time.

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